What I'm Thankful For.....Jets Style

It's Thanksgiving....as I reflect on all the things I'm thankful for,  some of these things come to mind:  

I’m thankful that John Conner hasn’t put any teammates in a coma during special teams drills.

I’m thankful that Jenn Sterger is no longer a part of the Jets,  and that Mark Brunell doesn’t have the need to discover the world of picture messaging.

I’m thankful that Nick Folk is over his temporary amnesia and now remembers that he plays for the Jets…….not the Browns.

I’m thankful that Chansi Stuckey still loves the Jets.

I’m thankful that Brian Schottenheimer finally found some of the playbooks he lost while on summer vacation this offseason.   He’s still searching for the “Ground & Pound” one I hear.

I’m thankful for Mike Tannenbaum’s mother, for teaching him the art of bargain shopping at a very young age.

I’m thankful that Renaldo Hill missed the “Don’t grab a receiver’s face mask on 4th and 6 with 3:55 left on the clock” chapter during Football 101.

I’m thankful that Ray Lewis has found a second career in acting by riding a jet-powered Raven for an Old Spice commercial.

I’m thankful for loud mouth low-class Miami Dolphin fans, without them my trash talking skills would be sub par.

I’m thankful for Tom Brady and his selfless volunteer work with the Best Buddies program…..if only every volunteer could be thanked with a $97,000 Audi.

I’m thankful for Richard Seymour, for stepping up and taking action in the name of drunk girls in nightclub bathrooms across the United States.

I’m thankful that Jim Schwartz forgot that his decision to have Drew Stanton run a bootleg on 3rd and 6th with under 2 minutes would end in a loss.

I’m thankful that Armando Salguero has finally seen the light and can admit that Mark Sanchez is a better quarterback than Chad Henne.

I’m thankful for Dorita Adams and Bart Capers for obviously never washing Bart Scott’s mouth out with soap and passing along the “Bad Ass” gene.

I’m thankful for the media for choosing to over hype Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards DUI incident and not the other 5+ NFL players arrested this season.

I’m thankful that LaDaninan Tomlinson discovered the fountain of youth.   I hear that he’s taking Jason Taylor, Trevor Pryce and Shaun Ellis with him there this weekend.

I’m thankful for delusional New England Patriots fans for thinking Danny Woodhead is god’s gift to running backs…….I love anyone who can make me laugh.

I’m thankful for Marc Anthony,  Jennifer Lopez,  Gloria Estefan and Jimmy Buffett…..for making the Dolphins organization even more of a joke than they already are.

I’m thankful for the NFL for manufacturing and selling Pink and Flirt Jerseys,  making phony female fans even easier to spot.

and lastly…….I’m thankful for the New York Jets for providing me years of a roller coaster of emotions and something to look forward to every Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all…………may the joy of 9-2 taste sweeter than pumpkin pie tonight!