A Matt Millen-less Hour....Sounds of the NY Jets

It’s a well known fact that NFL announcers can make or break your Jets viewing experience.

This season Jets fans have had to sit through a variety of TV personalities.  Some good, some bad, and some that make you want to press the mute button.

Let’s see……you’ve got the ever insightful Phil Simms,  the hot-dog eating “I’m a funny guy” shtick of Tony Siragusa,  the “tension you can cut with a knife moments” between Steve Young and a clueless Matt Millen,  and of course always a healthy dose of Jim Nantz’s  “Hello friends” that leaves you feeling the need take a shower.

An occasional"When you look at Ryan Fitzpatrick you are looking at the Bills quarterback" type comment  from Dan Dierdorf  can leave you pondering how you ever survived the past 3 hours,  yet 30 minutes listening to Gus Johnson will have you convinced the man could make a funeral fun.

Love them or hate them it’s all a matter of personal opinion.  Either way, this weekend Jets fans are in for a nice treat.

The Jets aren’t only a team that is fun to watch.  The success of HBO’s Hard Knocks and NFL Network’s Sound Fx featuring Rex Ryan have proven that this team is fun to “hear” too.

NFL Network has come through in a huge way and is going to give fans the up close and personal view of this dynamic team that all fans have been dying for.

Get your DVR’s ready - Hard Knocks “Game Style” is here.

During Thursday night’s Thanksgiving game between the New York Jets and Cincinnati Bengals,  many players and coaches will be miked up.  On Saturday, November 27th at 8:30pm, NFL Network will be airing an one-hour cut-down replay version of the game with nothing but the sounds recorded during the game.

“We’ve got 15 players and coaches miked during the game, including both coaches and all the coordinators and quarterbacks and middle linebackers.” says NFL Films President Steve Sabol.  “ We’ll have 60 people shooting the game, which is more than we use for a Super Bowl, and then we’ll turn it around in 48 hours and show it to you through the eyes of the players. It’s something you won’t see anywhere else.”
This isn’t the first time the Jets will be playing a game with no announcers,  back in 1980 it was done during a Jets vs Miami game.  A definite must see for any Jets fan.

NFL Network couldn’t have picked a better game for this concept.  Ochocinco, T.O, Revis, Cromartie, Rex Ryan and most importantly Bart Scott will alone provide more entertainment than one can even imagine.

A game full of nothing but the sound Rex dropping F-bombs,  Bart talking trash, and the clash of helmets and pads from hard hitting Harris and Diggs…..now that is music to my ears.

NFL Network presents:   SOUND FX: BENGALS @ JETS
When:  Saturday November 27, 2010
Time:   8:30pm, 12:30am, 4:30am