Hey Rex Hater....shut it!

A few weeks ago I was reading fellow Jets fan Jeff Capellini's (AKA The Green Lantern) sports blog.  If you haven't checked it out - I highly recommend you do.

In a nutshell,  it's a sports blog for sports fans...by sports fans.   Read about everything from the Islanders, Yankees, lacrosse  and even soccer all in one place.

The latest column was titled "Hey Rex - SHUT UP!".  I read it and couldn't help but laugh.  A great column written by a Giants fan on the reasons he hates our very own Rex Ryan.   

Knowing me,  I couldn't resist and not respond.  I immediately asked Jeff if he'd allow me to submit and post a response.  

Before you read below -  Take a moment to read the original Jets-hater column here first: 

Hope you all enjoy my response below  (also at The Green Lantern Sports Blog):

When a Giants fan begins to advertise his or her hatred towards New York Jets coach Rex Ryan, there’s only one word that explains the justification:

jeal·ous 1. Fearful or wary of being supplanted; apprehensive of losing affection or position.

I’m sorry Giants fans, but it’s true. Jealousy is causing you to hate the primary reason the Jets found success this season. Ryan gives you nightmares. And as the definition states, you are afraid that for the first time your precious G-Men aren’t being talked about, and have lost the affection of football fans in New York.

I say be nervous. It's all happening right before your eyes.

Giants fans hate Ryan, but only because they wish they had a leader like him. Let’s be honest, Tom Coughlin is like your father; you’re always afraid to piss him off. Ryan is like your rebellious best friend, the guy your dad never wants you to hang around with.

Coaching is all about getting the most out of the talent you have on your team. It’s pretty obvious that Rex has clearly won that battle this year. Coughlin has a disciplined way about him, a style that can really wear on players. In large part, that's the reason why the Giants were non-competitive this season. They showed no fight. Coughlin, himself, admitted that his team suffered from a lack of leadership. If that’s the case, then as a Giants fan, you are complaining about the wrong coach.

Ryan is emotional and brash. He’s a breath of fresh air to an organization that has always had a losing mentality. He’s changing the Jets' culture as we speak. The players and fans are taking after their coach. The players believe in themselves as much as their coach always has, and look at the success that occurred as a result.

Rex does “talk a big game." It’s not bragging, it’s believing in your system and instilling confidence in your players. You say that “talk is cheap” and that Rex has to “win something to talk." Well, what more do you need to see? Have you not watched football since Week 17? The Jets were the team representing New York in the AFC Championship game while the Giants were at home perfecting their golf swing.

You can complain about his emotion and arrogance all you want. Giants fans should also be accused of being arrogant when they were 5-0 this season and predicting a SuperBowl win. Oh how quickly things change.

Stop acting like the Yankee fans of the 1980s. Poor us! Praise us for our past!

Your team lost this year and it was no one’s fault but their own. The Giants defense would be lucky to have someone like Rex to fire it up to play to its potential. The key to success for the Jets defense is that Ryan allows his players to be themselves. He’s a players' coach and his players want to win for him.

So yes, as a Giants fan you should be worried. You should hate Rex. He doesn’t care that the Giants have a more prestigious history. He made every Giants fan cringe when he suggested the new stadium be named “Jets Stadium."

The years of the Jets treating the Giants like a big brother have come to an end ... so deal with it.