Beating the Patriots: The Aftermath Part Deux

Jets fans need something to make them smile this morning - I think I may have found a temporary solution for that.

Patriots fan Will DiTullio made good on Part 2 of his bet......watch the video below and enjoy!

Big thanks to Will for being a stand-up Patriots fan, and more importantly to Butch Stearns and Phil DiMartino of the Pulse Network for letting us have some fun with this!

P.S - Technically Will didn't get the Firemen to do the actual J-E-T-S chant.....but we'll let it slide!


Beating the Patriots: The Aftermath

This time last week I was a guest on "The Sports Buzz" with host Butch Stearns and the New England Patriots fan that we all love to hate .......Will DiTullio (@WAD1980).

We discussed the upcoming Jets vs Patriots playoff game in detail and let's just say these two New England fans were riding high on their December win, current winning streak and were very confident about the upcoming game.

At the end of the show Will & I, with the help of Butch made some bets. I was fully prepared to pay up should the Jets lose.  What could possibly be worse than wearing a pink Wild for Woodhead shirt?

If you're like me, you are still reliving the 28-21 Jets win........so yes it's now time for Patriots fan Will to pay up!

Part one of the bet was that Will needed to write a letter to Jets fans telling us all why we are the best.  So scroll down and enjoy it, it's not often we get to see a Patriots fan praise the New York Jets!

(stay tuned for Part Two - this one you will NOT want to miss!)

Dear NY Jets and their Fan base

For 11 years, I have watched Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots outwit, outlast and outplay the New York Jets and the rest of the NFL. Over that time period, the Patriots have played in 4 Super Bowls (winning 3 of them), 5 AFC Championship Games and finished 1st in the AFC East 8 out of the 11 years. I was convinced that the only way to win in the NFL was to believe the mantra "In Bill We Trust". I WAS WRONG!

On Sunday, you walked into Gillette Stadium and dominated the New England Patriots, beating the #1 seed in the AFC 28-21. The Patriots were outplayed and out coached in all 3 phases of the game. The Patriots looked lost and confused all game long. They simply had no response to a brilliant defensive game plan devised by your coach Rex Ryan and his staff.

Rex Ryan promised 2 years ago that he was not hired to "kiss Bill Belichick's rings", instead he was brought in to find a way to beat your hated rival. Rex has delivered. You now boast a 3-2 record against the Patriots since Ryan took over in 2009 and have played in 2 consecutive AFC Championship Games. Over this time period, you are 4-1 in the playoffs (all 4 wins coming on the road) whereas the Patriots have lost 2 consecutive home playoff games.

Prior to Sunday's Divisional Round match up, you bragged and boasted about how you were ready to erase the memory of a 45-3 drubbing you suffered at the hands of the Patriots in early December. Experts and fans of the Patriots laughed and joked at this thought. How in the world would you overcome a 42 point defeat, especially since the Patriots were sporting an 8 game winning streak and playing their best football at the end of the regular season? You did! You ran the ball down the Patriots' throats, Mark Sanchez made all the clutch throws and your defense covered the Patriots' wide receivers even when they were going to the restroom. In the past, when a player from an opposing team took aim at a member of the Patriots (see Freddie Mitchell and Anthony Smith), "humble pie" was served the following Sunday. This was not the case this time. You backed up your talk and humbled your arch rivals in front of their home crowd.

Rex has changed the culture of the New York Jets in 2 short seasons. Observers of the NFL now believe that "Belichick's Way" isn't the only way to be successful. Experts question if the NFL's model franchise still resides in Foxboro. The defeat on Sunday has people in Boston questioning Belichick's philosophy and Brady's ability to succeed under pressure like he once did. In the past, you were defined by the phrase "same old Jets" but this phrase no longer applies. You have proven that you can succeed when the pressure is turned up, and recent history says the Patriots cannot. Brash is now in.

Jets Nation is a loyal, passionate and knowledgeable fan base. You have suffered for 42 years. The proverbial monkey was lifted from your back on Sunday evening when you beat the heavily favored New England Patriots. You are 2 wins away from wiping away years of disappointment. Best of luck, you deserve it! I have learned that Bill's Way is not the only way.

From a Humbled Patriots Fan


The Official Unofficial Jets Pro-Bowl Ballot

While it pains me to face reality, the regular season is now over and the Jets are well into the playoffs (thank you sweet baby Jesus)

Thinking back and reflecting on the on this season, the Jets have had their fair share of injuries. Luckily, most have been minor enough where a player was only out of commission for a week or two.

As a result, this year more than previous ones, the Jets "back ups" have had more opportunities to fill in during these times and step up. I credit a lot of these "back up" players for helping the team end the season 11-5, and gaining them a spot in a AFC Divisional Playoff game.

I think these players deserve some recognition.....(and for the sake of Patriots fans on Twitter, I also think Jets fans need something to keep them busy)

These players unfortunately don't get to see their name on the Pro Bowl roster, and in turn the fans don't get to show them our thanks for stepping up when we needed them.

Below is the "Official Unofficial Jets Pro Bowl Ballot"

Vote for the players that you think deserve some praise for stepping up, filling in, and bringing it when they had their chance.

You can vote for more than one player per category, and vote as often as you'd like.

On Wednesday January 19th, we'll see who won in each category and find some way to let them know how much the fans appreciate them. It's not a trip to Hawaii, but a nice thank you never hurt.

So vote and let's go get a goddamn snack....Chowder sounds pretty good right now :)