The Official Unofficial Jets Pro-Bowl Ballot

While it pains me to face reality, the regular season is now over and the Jets are well into the playoffs (thank you sweet baby Jesus)

Thinking back and reflecting on the on this season, the Jets have had their fair share of injuries. Luckily, most have been minor enough where a player was only out of commission for a week or two.

As a result, this year more than previous ones, the Jets "back ups" have had more opportunities to fill in during these times and step up. I credit a lot of these "back up" players for helping the team end the season 11-5, and gaining them a spot in a AFC Divisional Playoff game.

I think these players deserve some recognition.....(and for the sake of Patriots fans on Twitter, I also think Jets fans need something to keep them busy)

These players unfortunately don't get to see their name on the Pro Bowl roster, and in turn the fans don't get to show them our thanks for stepping up when we needed them.

Below is the "Official Unofficial Jets Pro Bowl Ballot"

Vote for the players that you think deserve some praise for stepping up, filling in, and bringing it when they had their chance.

You can vote for more than one player per category, and vote as often as you'd like.

On Wednesday January 19th, we'll see who won in each category and find some way to let them know how much the fans appreciate them. It's not a trip to Hawaii, but a nice thank you never hurt.

So vote and let's go get a goddamn snack....Chowder sounds pretty good right now :)