Day 1 OTAs: Photos of the Day

Day one of the New York Jets OTAs is officially in the books.  While there is no media availability until Thursday - based on some players tweets, it seems like the players are just as excited to get this season started.

Highlight of the day:  hearing that Mark Sanchez was on the field participating in some light drills.

Here are some pictures from today's practice - I specifically chose our new additions in their Jets Green as my favorite photos of the day.   Out of 50 shots - not one of Mr. Taylor in his #95 jersey - he must have had dance practice today.

(pictures courtesy of www.newyorkjets.com)


...And It Begins

The past few weeks have been close to unbearable for Jets fans.  I mean how many times can you get excited about Mark Sanchez jogging on a treadmill?  

No worries friends, this week we are one step closer to seeing our brand spanking new and improved "Version 2.Rex Jets" take the field.  The beginning of a season to remember is finally upon us.

Tomorrow is the first day of OTA's (organized team activities) -  basically a really long way of saying "practice starts tomorrow".  For the first time this season the 2009 Jets + a ton of off-season acquisitions + a bunch of wide-eyed rookies will come together as a team to start working towards one common goal - a trip to Dallas.

OTA schedule :
May 17-18, May 20, May 24-25, May 27, June 2-3, June 8, June 10

Minicamp:  June 14-16

It's an exciting time as the team has seen many changes and additions that have left many fans full of questions.  The team is finally going to begin the process of becoming one, and we will hopefully begin to see some hints of what this team is all about.

The time is here to see if Cromartie, Holmes, Taylor, Tomlinson and Pool can pull of wearing Jets Green.

I'm looking forward to hearing more Jets news in the upcoming days.  With so much speculation on whether these off season moves were the wrong or right ones, I'm ready to see some action.   

So here's to a preseason full of health, happy contracts, no blackouts, no hold-outs, and no rookies losing their lunch   :)   



The "real" LilMiss

There's no question about it...
When I said I was a Jets fan since I was a little girl, I meant it!


Our New Home

A new tradition begins.  I said good-bye to my "home" of 22 years on a cold cold January night.  I called it a "bittersweet Sunday" - I was sad for a tradition to end, yet delighted to celebrate the night with a win that brought the Jets to the playoffs.

I had the pleasure of taking a tour of the Jets new home today, to see the place where my new tradition will begin.  Just driving on the Meadowlands campus made me nostalgic.  The old stadium is about half way torn down and the familiarity of the place is going away beam by beam.

The "new Jets Stadium" is a work of art.  There's still a lot of finish work to be done, but you can see from the pictures what an upgrade this is to the old stadium.  

What was most noticeable to me was the complete absence of color.  Everything is shades of silver, chrome, gray - keeping it neutral to either team.  I cannot wait to see it ready for game day,  to see all the LED lights do their job and turn the entire place green.

I couldn't be happier with our seats.  The view is more than I ever could have asked for.  As I sat in them and looked out on the field I tried to picture the Jets playing there.  It was a little harder than I thought, but only because it all still feels so new. 

It was a great day and I'm still smiling about it all.   If I thought I was going through Jets withdrawal before, I'm most definitely feeling the symptoms now!   This summer can't get here quick enough!

Here are some pictures from the demolition of the old stadium:

Our new home:

                                    View facing the opposing bench:

                                                                            Jets sideline:

                                View standing above tunnel where Jets will run out:

                                                 Down the visitor's sideline:

Unfortunately the Mexico vs Ecuador soccer game last 
night left the place a mess:

No more red seats!   

Best upgrade ever - TAYLOR HAM FTW!    Only in NJ!

......and finally - the view from our new seats!  I can't wait to meet everyone in Sec 129!   
I hear Fireman Ed is somewhere close by too!