It's About Tradition.

News of Fireman Ed "leaving" has left a fan base divided.  As a long time Jets fan it's only about one thing for me. 


             “The less there is to justify a traditional custom, the harder it is to get rid of it” 
                      ~Mark Twain

There's no special story behind the J-E-T-S chant.  No magical reason for why it exists. The fact is, it does and has for years.

It started back in Shea Stadium as a battle between upper level fans in opposite end zones, each with their own leader of the chant.  It didn't take long for it to become a staple of Jets home games, and to me, Fireman Ed just happened to be the guy that kept the tradition alive.

For those of us who grew up at Giants Stadium, spending countless Sundays there with our fathers, this isn't about an annoying guy who shouldn't have a Twitter account and grew up a Dolphin fan.  It's about holding on to one of the last traditions that survived when the walls of Giants Stadium got torn down.

For me, many of my 20+ year traditions growing up a Jets fan ended in 2009.  

From tailgates, and familiar faces in Section 140, to running down the pedestrian ramps after a win and being surrounded by long time die hard fans who became family, these traditions all came to an end.

Now in a new stadium, with new faces and a new atmosphere, the one thing that felt familiar week after week was hearing that chant.

Hearing a guy do it at a bar or in a parking lot can make you hate it, but experiencing a crowd of 80,000 fans do it in unison can quickly change your mind.

The Jets don't have much that is uniquely theirs and no matter how annoying it may be, it's part of what has become their identity.

I don't consider Fireman Ed as the face of the fan base, or some fan that I should look up to.  I see him as a man who deserves some respect from the fans for keeping a tradition alive, especially during times when the team needed it most.

To see some fans happy that members of our own fan base have ended such a tradition is a sign of a sadder state of affairs then even I thought existed.  

To those fans the only thing to say is:  you just don't get it.

It's not about the man. The chant can and will hopefully continue without him.

It's about hearing those 7 syllables and remembering feeling the stadium shake underneath you back in September of 2009 during a win vs the Patriots...... and smiling, hoping and waiting to feel that energy again.


One Picture To Sum It Up.....

I'll save the breakdown of those on my watch list for later. 

Best way to sum up tonight's first preseason game against the Bengals?  Who stood out the most?  

That's easy..... 

The USC Connection....... It's about that time.

Turner, McKnight, Sanchez

Let's Get It Started: On My Radar

The time is upon us.

Two weeks of camp are in the books, story lines and camp position battles are a plenty.

I've had my eyes on many players this preseason and tonight they'll be put under the microscope just a little bit more.  As I've said countless times before, my favorite part of preseason is not seeing the first team offense/defense take the field.  It's not even watching our early round rookies.  It's seeing the guys who know they have to impress every practice, every carry, every game to see their name on the final 53. 

That opportunity continues tonight.... and here's a list of specifically who and what I'll be watching: 

1) The Battle of the Big Boys: Harrison vs Tevaseu 

Damon Harrison has had a good showing in camp so far.  He's a wide-bodied, massive DT that can handle the double team and control the line of scrimmage with an athletic ability that can't be taught.  Looking to see if he can translate this skill on the field tonight and possibly take Martin Tevaseu's spot on the final roster or at least earn a spot on the practice squad. 

2) A Look Into The Future - Allen & Bush 

Yeremiah Bell and Laron Landry were solid off season signings and should hopefully help to sure the safety nightmare every Jet fan has suffered through.  Tanny & Co. made even more wishes come true this April by addressing the Safety position and drafting Josh Bush and 7th Round steal of the century Antonio Allen.  Allen has surpassed Bush in camp thus far, I'm looking forward to seeing this young safety tandem roam the backfield tonight. 

3) Who Gets A Catchy Nickname and the #5 Spot? 

After a great camp performance, I'd be surprised to see anyone but Ellis Lankster listed as the #4 CB this season. But who's taking #5?  I'm not interested in seeing Posey or Trufant.  I'm keeping my eyes on UDFA's Ryan Steed and Donnie Fletcher.  Steed was originally projected as a high draft pick but a slow combine time squashed those dreams.  He's been limited in camp and tonight will have lots to prove. Fletcher on the other hand had caught the attention of many at camp, seeing some looks at safety as well as CB.  One is great at man coverage, one is better in zone.  Which one if any steals that #5 spot away from the "little guys"? 

4) There's no Dowtin He Can Play 

It's almost a crime that Marcus Dowtin has been held out of training camp practice as of late. "The Hybrid" is one of those players whose versatility all over the field just can't be overlooked.  He's spent sometime with the safeties this preseason and is the perfect fit in the direction Rex's defense is going.  Looking to see if he can beat out a inconsistent Josh Mauga or hard-hitting Bellore for a spot. 

5) Speedy McSpeedster vs The 7th Round Mystery

I didn't believe until I saw it live at Cortland but the Dexter Jackson rumors are true.  He's fast and can catch whatever is thrown at him, and is a pretty speedy punt returner too.  To gain his spot as the #6 WR this year he may have to beat out 7th round pick Jordan White.  90% of fans fell in love with his stat sheet on April 29th but entering camp with an injury has kept him from showing the talent everyone is expecting him to have.  Let's see what both can do vs Bengals tonight. 

6) Scotty McKnight Didn't Ball with Sanchez at USC - Patrick Turner did. 

Why am I keeping an eye on Patrick Turner?  Because I've been a big fan of his for years.  His size, skill and chemistry with Sanchez is entirely underrated.  I fully expect him to make the roster and hope tonight he continues to impress and earn more field time this season. 

and lastly..... there's one player I'll be watching on the Bengals and here's why.....

7) The Prototypical Slot Receiver - Jordan Shipley 

If there's one team that has enough depth at the wide receiver position it's the Cincinnati Bengals.  Fans have been searching high and low for decent options since the Jets wide receivers suddenly came down with the injury bug.  Despite coming back from a knee injury that kept him out last season, I'd like to add Shipley's name to the mix.  Tonight I'm hoping our defense helps our cause and gets this natural slot receiver cut.  May Sanu, Green and Jones shine so I can finally get the Texas boy in Green & White since it didn't happen in the 2010 draft like I hoped.


Breaking Down the AFC EAST.......Female Fans

     With training camp only a week away, I may as well take this opportunity to post some light hearted material before it's all business as the Jets begin their quest for a Lombar........err..... winning season.
     If you know me, you know that there's nothing I love more then being critical of the casual female football fan.  I recently came across a funny read I had saved from a few years back on this very topic.
It's a summary of your "typical" female fan for each of the AFC East teams.....
............and yes I highly approve of the Jets fan description :)

Buffalo Bills

The female Buffalo Bills fans (from hereon referred to as a Buffalo Gal) is rare, bust she exists. Like all Bills fans she bears a wound that will never heal; the perpetual wound of “wide right” It’s the closest that the Bills ever got to winning one of the 4 Super Bowls that they appeared in. It was a period of unprecedented dominance in which no team could unseat them for all those seasons, but they just could not seal the deal. The Buffalo Gal has suffered a Super Bowl Hangover x4 ever since then. When in a good mood, the Buffalo gal is amiable and pleasant. Her arch-enemy is the Patriots girl. She has a small shrine somewhere in her living space dedicated to laying curse after curse on Tom Brady. That traffic accident he had on Thursday? That was no accident, that was the ill-will of 1,001 hate filled Buffalo Gals putting hexes on Tom Terrific. But he yet survived, as he is protected by far more powerful, and more sinister dark arts.

Miami Dolphins
The Miami Dolphins woman is like a East Coast version of the Raiders girl. Like the Raiders girl she is stuck in the past. Like the Raiders girl she is categorized by most people as a “slut” and usually carries some sharp instrument with which to protect herself after she leaves her job “dancing” at 3AM. Chances are she picked the Dolphins as her team because she likes their colors and/or thinks dolphins are “cute”. Peroxide probably figures largely in her lifestyle. Almost everything about her, mentally physically and spiritually is fake or man-made. Everything except her loyalty. The Dolphins girl will always have 1972, and other than Don Shula those are the only things she really knows about football. She does know, however, that she is constantly hated on by Jets fans. She figures that the Jets girls are fat and jealous of her. If there’s one thing that’s hard to deny it’s that Dolphins women are exceptionally sexy, if you’re into that sort of thing.

New York J-E-T-S
The Jets girl is a more unassuming version of the Giants girl. She is definitely wife material. She cooks, understands the game, is a monster in bed, and one of those girls who is completely comfortable being one of the guys. The Jets woman is a low maintenance type who looks as beautiful in no makeup as she does all done up. She is an independent woman, word to Beyonce. She would rather do for herself than have someone do something for her, which is why she absolutely despises the Dolphins fans. A Dolphins and Jets girl are polar opposites in ideology, and they just plain don’t get along. The hate is mutual and deep-seated. If you are looking for a great (if sketchy) one night stand, look for a Dolphins girl. If you want a girl all your boys (and girls) will be jealous of, seek out a female Jets fan, you will never regret it.

The New England Patriots
The female Patriots fan didn’t even exist before Bill Belichick became head coach. She was previously just a Red Sox fan, and couldn’t give one single fuck about the Patriots who, for most of their existence, where extremely horrible. Once Belichick was hired as head coach and the Patriots started winning, they gained more attention in the area, but not enough to really unseat the Red Sox, or attract females fans. It was only once the male model Tom Brady became the starting QB that women became interested in the Patriots. Purely interested in that guy, the female fans of the Patriots hurriedly tried to assimilate some semblance of football knowledge. They failed, of course, and are regularly schooled by fans from any other team in the AFC East. Pats fans fight this with their Ungodly Levels of Obnoxiousness. The Pats girl is no exception and is perhaps the most annoying of fans; the one with the least right or knowledge to be obnoxious, but is the first and loudest one to proclaim that her team is the best. She masturbates to pictures of Tom Brady whenever possible. She would be arch enemies with Buffalo Gals, if she actually knew what a “Buffalo Bill” was.

(Written by John Minus @DonCoyote @BlkSportsOnline 2010)


Fly Like a Jet

"I've risked the fall, just to know how it feels to fly"

Words I live my life by.

Aside from being a Jets fan, I'm a girl who is as stubborn as they come, extremely independent, who takes risks in life .......and is extremely afraid of heights and roller coasters.

All reasons why I decided to cross another item off my bucket list and go skydiving this weekend.

I flew like a Jet..... and it was an experience that words can't describe.  

The videos below sum up how amazing it was.  Looking fear in the face and telling it to go the hell away felt fabulous - I highly recommend it.

Enjoy  :)


Late Rounders

The draft is finally here.  

This time next week Jets fans will have already overused the word "beast" and will be either crowning some rookie the new league MVP or out drowning their sorrows over a questionable pick.

First round options have been analyzed to death.  I don't know about you but I'm ready to talk about some players whose names don't rhyme with Seagram, Rickshaw or Karen.

Last year, our very own John Conner was part of a documentary called "Late Rounders". Consider this my own version.  

On today's episode, I've decided to highlight two players I'd be more than happy to see in Green & White next year.  In my opinion, both players would be good options for the Jets to use one of their many 6th or 7th round picks on in the upcoming draft.

The one thing to keep in mind is that there are reasons these players are only projected to go in the late rounds, but as we all know, late rounders can sometimes end up being Pro Bowlers..... *cough* Brady *cough*

Let's start with my favorite late rounder.....

S Tramain Thomas (Arkansas)

To me, Tramain Thomas is a no brainer late round steal.

Which safety prospect is tied with Mark Barron for most career interceptions?  This guy.

The most exciting thing about Thomas is his ability to create turnovers and make plays in coverage.  As a starting safety in the SEC, he's recorded 13 pass break-ups, 12 interceptions and 6 forced fumbles.  His instincts in the middle of the field, ability to locate the ball quickly and make adjustments to come away with the ball are all qualities that a safety in today's league MUST possess.

The most common "positives" from scouts when evaluating Thomas have been regarding his ability to quickly redirect, accelerate and reach top speed  quickly to keep up with receivers.  His 4.51 40 time would have put him as the second fastest safety in this year's combine.  

At 5'11 7/8 and 200lbs he could use a few extra pounds on him, but that's nothing that a few meals with the offensive linemen couldn't fix.

While some have called him the most underrated safety prospect this year, there are definitely some negatives that would need to be addressed. While known to be an aggressive player, his tackling technique could use some work and he has been criticized for over pursing as well.  

You can't teach great cover instincts, but you can teach a guy how to become a better tackler.  

Thomas is projected to be drafted in the sixth round.  With the Jets blatant need for a safety who can actually cover, I see Tramain Thomas being the obvious choice for a late round pick who offers great value.  

FB/TE Emil Igwenagu (UMass)

Now I know those of you who suffer from Post Traumatic Ducasse Disorder stopped reading once you read the word "UMass" but :
A) this would be a 6th or 7th round selection.....
and B) remember Victor Cruz.

As a big Conner/Keller fan this choice may surprise some.  There's just something about a player with versatility that will always catch my eye and intrigue me.

After impressing many during the East West Shrine game, Igwenagu received an invite to the Senior Bowl where he continued to catch the interest of many teams.

Igwenagu (6'2 247lbs) has played TE, FB, LB, H-back as well as special teams.  While primarily playing TE for UMass, he fits right in to the new trend of versatile tight ends in the league.

Igwenagu can block as a TE, line up in the backfield as a blocker, carry the ball, and is a viable receiving threat as well.

In addition to his versatility, scouts took notice of Igwenagu's strength and work ethic. He's described as a gritty, tenacious, determined player who competes hard.  

He possesses great off-field qualities too. He's been the Minutemen's Co-Captain for the past two years and is a smart, accountable, unselfish player.

With Tannenbaum's love of drafting player from his alma mater, this is one UMass boy I wouldn't disagree with.  The Jets need a TE that can be an inline blocker and receiving threat too.  If nothing more than a great special teams addition, in my opinion Igwenagu is a developmental option definitely worthy of a late round look.


If Twitter Was Around In 2004......

A sunny, Saturday morning filled with Jets news and debates. It doesn't get much better than that.

As I sit and chuckle at the opposing views over last night's news regarding Mark Sanchez's contract extension, only one thought comes to mind:

What would my timeline look like if Twitter was around in 2004?!?


Sanchez gets drafted by the New York Jets in the days of ridiculous rookie contracts, goes to the AFC Championship game his first 2 years, decides to stop his tradition of bagging brunettes, starts dating blondes, and has a horrible 2011 season.

Tannenbaum & Co. then jump on the bandwagon of opportunity stemming from Peyton's neck, find a way to show the world they support their franchise QB, and create some breathing room cap wise.

So it's official - Mark Sanchez signs a 5 year contract extension worth $58.25 million dollars with $23 million dollars guaranteed.


Five games into the 2002 season, and only 3 appearances in his first 2 seasons in the NFL, Chad Pennington takes over as starting QB for the New York Jets, wins the AFC East Division Title, yet loses to the Raiders in the Divisional round of the playoffs.

The 2003 season begins and so do Chad's injuries. He plays only 10 regular season games to end the season....6-10

September 2004: It's official - Chad Pennington signs a team record 7 year contract extension worth $64.2 million dollars with $23 million dollars guaranteed.

The comparisons of the two contracts can be argued to death, as can which QB deserved it more. It's almost pointless to do yet puts the over reaction to Sanchez's contract into perspective.

For those that think that the length of a contract matters consider this: according to Pennington's extension in 2004, he would have still been in green & white, doing the Tone Time dance last season.

I'm going to sit back with technology that wasn't around during Chad's 41-0 win over the Colts, watch as the debate over Sanchez's contract continues and laugh as I think to myself:

What would my timeline look like if Twitter was around in 2004?