A Game I'll Never Forget

Somebody slap me because it still doesn't feel real!   Yes it's true - our very own beloved New York Jets are moving on in the play-offs and will be playing for the AFC Championship this Sunday.  

What a great experience it was to be in San Diego this weekend to witness the "lil Jets that could" beat the HEAVILY favored San Diego Chargers.  No one believed it could happen, but our brute strength, street fighters taught the beach boys in a sandbox a lesson.   

Like Drake says:  "Like a sprained ankle, they ain't NOTHING to play with"!!

Charger fans may be one of the most fair weather fan groups I have ever encountered.  They were threatened by Jets fans doing the Jets chant, booed LT when stopped at the line of scrimmage, and all left the stadium immediately after Shonne Green's TD late in the game!   

To be able to cheer my team on during such an important game and shut all their cocky "bolt-cheering" mouths was something I'll never forget!  Moments like that are what being a Jets fan to me is all about.  The ups and downs are all worth it when you see the team believe in themselves as much as we all do.

So let's enjoy this victory, cherish it and remember it!   One game at a time - the sky is the limit for this team!  

Like I said before Jay-Z says it best:  it's "On to the next one" for our Jets!!

Here are some pictures from the game....

"and I'm LilMissNYJet....You're a little b**** San Diego"

Great to see a TON of Green in the stands