My life as a Jets fan

The New York Jets have been the one and only football team that I have ever known. It's kind of nice to know that never in my life have I ever been a fan of another team. My father has been a Jets fan since he was first introduced to football after emigrating from Portugal to the US. The men he worked with were all Jet fans...he was hooked. Together they started going to games, from Shea stadium to East Rutherford.....establishing a tradition that still exists today. My older brother Joe was born a Jets fan, there aren't many fans who are as dedicated as he is - I owe every ounce of heart and dedication I have for Jets to him. He made sure that female or not I was going to love the game and the team as much as he and Dad did.
My first memory of watching the Jets was around the age of 7 - Ken O'Brien, Freeman McNeil, Al Toon, Johnny Hector were who I was watching and rooting for with the boys.
I sat year after year enduring the 3-13, 1-15 Kotite seasons, yelling, screaming & sulking with Joe & Dad. I put up being made fun of in grammar school for wearing my Jets Starter jacket. When all the kids were cheering for the Giants, I always stayed true to the Jets....knowing that one day it would all be worth it.
I became a part of the tradition of going to every home game that had been around for so long. I always say that I have 20 "Dads" in Section 139 - they saw me grow up all these years!
I guess you can say the rest is history..... years of tailgating, trips to training camp, to Miami away games, some winning....lots of losing....TONS of taunting.... if it's at all possible my love for the game and the Jets continues to grow....