140 letters just isn't enough....

It's here - I've done it! I've been contemplating the thought of blogging for quite some time now.....so here we go!
I think I've truly embraced my self-proclaimed nickname of "LilMissNYJet" - through my blog I'll be able to give you my thoughts regarding our beloved New York Jets in 140 or MORE!
Often times I find that as I read articles about the Jets the information/ perspective really isn't unique! Some topics and articles just have a monotonous tone to them. I'm known for thinking outside of the box, being unique... and always wanting to stand apart from the rest. If everyone's doing it - I'm probably not ( hence the grand delay in starting this blog ).
I'm hoping this blog will give me the opportunity to share my sometimes "unique perspective" on the world of the Jets..... straight from the mind of LilMissNYJet!