As the season begins....

It seems like only yesterday that the endless Jets tweets were coming in from the first days of training camp at Cortland. Here we are over a month later with the regular season only days away. Amidst all the roster moves happening this weekend, I took some time to reflect on the team's growth, development, performance and on-going concerns over the preseason. Here are some thoughts lingering in my mind this week, as well as some interesting preseason facts:

1. The much talked about "QB Battle" is over - we survived and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. The one thing I can't help but think is how lucky we are that Eric Mangini is not the head coach this year. Sanchez wasn't kidding when he said how being named the starter really changes you, your confidence and mental preparation for the season ahead. Had Mangini been around we'd still be roaming around wondering!

2. Two names have dominated Jets news articles this preseason - Mark Sanchez and Vernon Gholston. If a Jets player is in the news this much it better be for a good reason - and one of these names hasn't been attracting too much positive attention.

3. Rex Ryan and the Jets have found a new home for annual training camp in Cortland, NY. Players bonded, Hairy Tony's has a skirt steak sandwich to die for, and Ahmad Carroll & Robert Turner went to the mall together....I'd say that spells success no?

4. Thomas Jones' biceps have grown by inches every time I see him....Do they make custom jerseys to fit those guns?

5. Some Long Island fans are a lot angrier than I thought. Many fans actually boycotted this year's Family Night practice at Hofstra as a result of feeling abandoned by the Jets after 40 years of camp being held there. While I understand, I do hope they'd want what is best for the team and show their support.

6. Leon Washington should win an award for being the most unselfish player in the NFL. We've been following his contract situation for months. Despite all the distractions - Leon has still managed to put football and the Jets first.

7. Sanchez's pump fake is just too good.....he's going to have plenty of angry safeties after him this year.

8. It's amazing how one coach can change a team's confidence and attitude by leaps & bounds in such a short time. From Kerry Rhodes stating "we will be the best defense in the league this year" to D'Brickashaw setting sights on the pro-bowl, Rex Ryan has helped this team do a complete 360. Hoping this new attitude leads to wins on the field as well.

9. A 200m dash between Usain Bolt and David Clowney would be ridiculously fun to watch. This preseason has left us yet again pondering...."Who can cover the Clown?".

10. Brian Schottenheimer has an important year ahead of him. This is his time to calm Jets fans worries of having nightmares every time his name is mentioned - similar to the agonizing years of Paul Hackett's horrendous play calling. With a trio of good running backs, a great O-line, and an explosive defense - Schotty has enough positives to work with this season and prove his worth now that the Mangini handcuffs have been taken off.

11. After 4 preseason games - the Jets lead the league with 18 total sacks. The highest total previously was 19 by the Patriots in 2003. Not bad for playing a "vanilla defense".

12. The NY Jets have scored the most points in the league this preseason with a total of 108 points. They were tied for second with 13 total TD's behind New Orleans who had 14.

13. If I had to pick the top 3 concerns going into the 2009-2010 season I'd say they are :
1) #2 CB opposite Revis
2) depth of D-line - can they stay healthy
3) #2 WR - who's the deep threat when J.Co is double teamed
All in all the preseason was a successful one. A QB has been named, the team has started to build some chemistry, and no major injuries were had. Let's hope the positive points from above carry over to a successful regular season and dare I say post-season as well.